Deer Run Books. Sioux City, IA. Order never received

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Used Book order never received. ($19.99) "Free Shipping".

Placed order through AbeBooks (book seller rating 4 out of 5 stars? Ha!).

Order date : June 16, 2013.

Est Del date : July 6, 2013.

Shipping Speed : 5 - 14 business days. Wonder? There are exactly 14 business days between June 16 and July 6.

This complaint filed August 9, 2013. (I've given this outfit enough time to deliver.)

Book Title: "The Home University Bookshelf, Things to Make and Things to Do, Vol VII" 1927.

[enter at least 100 words] I'm running out of comments without getting unkind and nasty.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Deer Run Books Sioux City IA - pants on fire


I bought a book online from Deer Run Books which was described thusly: "Fine/Very Good/unclipped. Third Printing.

Very tight, clean copy with no damage to the pages or hard covers. Very tight spine and pages. very clean, bright dust jacket with no tears or creases." It arrived loose in an envelope with tears to the book jacket (one of which was 1/2" and very creased), an inscription on the fly leaf, unevenly faded covers to front and back which made 1 1/2" stripes across the cloth covers, and water damage/discoloration to the spine. DEFINITELY NOT AS DESCRIBED.

They did not reply to my email. I wouldn't trust this seller again.

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Deer Run Books Scammed Me

Not resolved

Bought a book described as in brand new condition from used book seller Deer Run Books, Sioux City, Iowa via Abebooks. Book arrived three weeks late, with scratches and stinking terribly of smoke.

E-mailed Deer Run twice to discuss but no reply.

Initiated return. Two weeks after Deer Run received book, they have not refunded my money. Now, I'm out shipping money both ways and the $60 plus dollars for the book--well over $70.

Deer Run's reviews on Barnes and Noble are terrible--other buyers have had the same problems with fraudulent book descriptions, late shipment, stinking books, failure to refund. See: />

Bad review is posted by buyer on Alibris as well:< />

Buy elsewhere....

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I bought a copy of Harvey Penick's "And If You Play Golf You're My Friend" from Deer Run via Abe books on June 27.

The book was described as "...Signed, dedicated and dated on flyleaf by Penick."

The price for the book was $42.95.

I received the book on July 17 but on inspection I noted that Mr. Penick's "signature" was in the printing, and in fact the book I received was identical to every other copy of the book I had seen - including the same book I currently have on my book shelf.

(This copy was intended as a gift for a gold-enthuiast friend.)

That same day I initiated a return via the Abe site indicating the book was not as described and that the book sold by Deer Run was not different in any regard from any of the copies widely available for $8.95, which is what I paid for my copy at Barnes & Noble. On July 17, I received the following email from Terry Biddle at Deer Run: "If so you should be able to send me a scan of both books along side of each other. We mark all books we ship and will expect to have the book we shipped returned. We do not pay for return shipping." On July 18 I provided the requested side-by-side photos requested by Deer Run.

I also indicated in the accompanying email that my review of Deer Run would certainly make for some "... interesting reading". The next day, I received the following email from Terry Biddle: "We have stated that you could return the book. As for your, "Review" : who cares!

If that is the way you spend your time, it does reflect on you more than anything else and besides, we've heard it all before and it is usually considered by those reading it as so much wind and signifies nothing as the Bard wrote." Seriously? First the seller sends a book that isn't even remotely as described. Next, it becomes my obligation to document the discrepancy (as well as repackage... stand in line at the post office and pay for return postage) Last, the seller communicates complete disdain for buyer reviews.

I, of course, will never deal with this seller again. Unfortunately, the seller's competence (or perhaps ethics) reflect badly on Abe Books and, while I have made purchases vis their site several times before, I will be reluctant to do so again.


OMG - I had the same problem! I just received a book that I ordered 5 weeks ago and it stank of cigarette smoke as well!

I requested a refund and the day after I requested my freaking money back -- they decided to mail the book! I am SO MAAAAAAADDDDD!!!!!

I wanted my money back!!!!!!!!! I am going to leave a bad comment about them everyhwere I can!!!


Vmivca: Sorry you got nailed by the Deer Run online bookseller. Please note that this is not associated with, which is a promotional site for the book, "The Road to Deer Run" by Elaine Marie Cooper. Thanks!

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